Our Story

In March of 2010, Chris Whigham came up with the brilliant idea of assisting small business owners with their day-to-day social media needs. From that moment of greatness arose the social media empire known today as “Derby City Social Media!”

How Chris Sees Himself

How Chris Sees Himself

Okay, now for the real story….

It was March of 2010, and Chris Whigham was tired of the daily grind of an office job, but couldn’t wait to get home every night to run the Facebook Pages for several of his friends’ businesses, as well as for his church. He was good at it and had fun. One night, while watching TV, Chris began his nightly rant about how much he hated his job. Having had enough of it, his beautiful wife said: “Quit your complaining, suck it up, and find a way to make money on Facebook…you’re on it all the time, anyway!” The next day, at a networking event, Chris stood up to talk about his employer and their services, but after a long moment of silence, instead said: “I’m Chris, and I run Facebook Pages for small business!” After the meeting, he had signed up his first three customers, and he called his employer that afternoon to quit.

And THAT’S the real story of how Derby City Social Media was born. Actually, much better than the made up one, huh?

What’s the Take-Away From This Story?

Small Business Is Our Passion

Small Business Is Our Passion

The most important part of that story is the passion that we have for small businesses. While we have clients with businesses of all sizes (1 to 300 employees), most of our clients are companies with 1-5 employees. These are the folks that NEED social media but don’t have the time to do it every day. And they REALLY can’t afford to have one of their staff hang out on Facebook or Twitter all day long! And that’s where we come in…

We manage social media and build websites for clients in Louisville, Lexington, Dallas, Jacksonville, Columbus, and all over the United States.

All we do is manage a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, blogs, or any other social media platform, Day-in and day-out for companies. We do what they don’t have the time to do.

And we do it for a shockingly small monthly fee! (Also…how does NO contract sound?)

Oh, yeah…we also build affordable websites. The website will look amazing, and we’ll help you get found on Google, as well!

So, if you need some great social media management or just a little bit of consultation, or you need an affordable website that will get the job done, contact us! 502.682.7192