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You’re about to hand over your company’s brand to us…and you don’t even know who we are! Do you want to know a little more about the characters behind your social media campaign?

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A lot happens in Social Media every day. A LOT! So why not keep up to date right here? We’ll have tips, news, updates…everything you’ll need to stay “in the know.”

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Trying to find out how to: Create a Facebook Ad? Add video to your LinkedIn profile? ReTweet? The Learning Center is where to find out! New info every day!


Workshops, webinars, book releases…this is where you want to go to find out what is coming up that you need to know about!

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Why Does Your Company Need Social Media?

The easy answer: Because everyone is on it. Why not try to reach your audience where they already spend a good amount of time? They check their social sites when they wake up, during breaks and lunch, after work, and after the kids go to bed. They show off pictures of the meals they order, the products they buy, and their favorite vacation spots. And they LOVE to recommend to all of their friends the places and businesses that make them happy. Here are some interesting stats:

  • Percentage of Facebook Users that log on daily 76%
  • Twitter Users that use their phones to Tweet 43%
  • 18-24 Year-Olds that use social media 98%

A Few of Our Clients…

We Do What You Don’t Have Time to Do.

We handle all of your social media, 24/7, so you can run your business.

How Can Social Media Help Your Business?

Contact us now to get the scoop on how social media can help your specific business!

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Social Media Management Special

Currently, Derby City Social Media in Louisville is running a special through October 31, 2014 on their Social Media Management Services. They will run your company’s social media for the first month for only $99!! After that, the monthly price becomes $189.... read more